Well, Hello. Sorry we can’t just grab you a chair and offer you a plate to eat. It stays promised, however, if you ever come visit — and we do hope you do. 

You see, this is how we in the Mediterranean like to tell stories — gathered around the table, sharing food and drink, taking our time (is there any other way to tell a story, really?).  

But yeah… you there and we here will have to do today. We are SUDD and we offer Mediterranean Foods, made in Portugal. That is the gist of it, but you’ll want to know more. 

You see, we proud ourselves in being a truly mediterranean brand. Yes, this means offering  the best food products… but it also means doing it with the type of care and vigilance that allows our culture to remain just as it is. 

That’s why we work only with local, genuine suppliers and farmers. Often, these are hard to reach or very small operations. Almost secrets, known mostly to their communities. 

But, throughout the years, we managed to get their trust. 

Working closely with them, it’s easy to ensure responsible sourcing and fair trade. We always go easy on the environment — and they wouldn’t go easy on anyone who didn’t. 

The soils, the weather, the natural way of things, these are sacred here. They make up not just the traditional livelihood but also the very foundation of the culture. 

We invite you to try our products. You see, nothing is as mediterranean as delighting in the satisfaction of a guest well feed. 

Mediterranean by nature

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